SAL Series high speed automatic laminator

1.The top sheet deviation can be corrected by the double- servo system, providing highprecision, and the over- forward dimension can be automatically controlled.
2.The top sheets and bottom sheets are aligned by the front register during the process of transversing, this non-stop process provides a a higher productivity.
3.Mechanical structure guarantees top sheet and bottom sheet synchronous transmission. (patent)
4.High speed feeder head provides stable and reliable performance.
5.The rising and falling of propping table for bottom sheet can effectively reduce the friction of vacuum suction belt.
6.Pressure device for bottom sheet, increasing the stability of feeding for bended corrugated cardboards
7.Side flapping, side pulling registers for aligning provides high precision of the side register.
8.The pressure of press section can be adjusted according toactualdemand.
9.Master- slave top sheet lifting construction improves working efficiency.
10.The max. laminating speed: 12000P/H.